LED Ceiling purchase tips

Gorgeous LED ceiling lights embedded in the roof of the adsorption or the ceiling, is a variety of places in homes, offices, entertainment venues and other frequently chosen lamps, Here I will introduce some of the techniques in the purchase of LED ceiling when. 
1, the detection light: Most Ceiling is white, we look white, some owners in the election when the club found some lights Ceiling looks brighter, and some darker, some white, some purple or blue, which is due to the different light efficiency of the light source, and the formation of a different color temperature, some small manufacturers of consumer original light source efficiency is very low, but in order to allow customers to look brighter, do put the color temperature is high, so look up a little brighter, the practice is not really bright, but the illusion of the human eye only, long-term vision in this environment will become increasingly worse. If identified, is no other source, just lit a lamp, then standing lamp reading, writing if looks clear, bright, good analogy to illustrate this light source, high luminous efficiency, if not see, that is the difference a simpler way is to handle heart out into the next light, look at the palm of color, if red, the color temperature to clarify exactly, the color is good, if the heart is blue or purple, clarify color temperature is too high. 
2, see appliances: all fluorescent light ballasts are to have competence lit, the ballast can bring stability, good or bad ballast starting voltage and the moment when the work is light, direct resolution of this LED Ceiling life and light efficiency, better quality usually match the right track ballast manufacturers consumption. 
3, see the mask: a common acrylic mask on the market, the plastic mask and glass, preferably after the second stretch of the imported acrylic mask features are soft, heavy, translucent, and not be stained. When you purchase, hand pressure mask, see what kind of softness, soft good. Then put the palm of the past, look at the color, ruddy good. It is best to cover open, watching the demolition could lunch. Open look inside, lighting and electrical wires can snap securely, whether uniform wiring, no mess, no wound.

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